Arabian Silk: Horses of Endurance

This heart-warming and intriguing film inspects the fastest growing equestrian
discipline of Endurance Horse Racing. The story follows Roger, an endurance
horse, through his life of racing and illuminates the powerful friendship between
him and his rider, Jerry. The sport has been described as arduous and painful,
as well as pleasant and fulfilling. At its most grueling, Endurance Racing
demands a horse and rider to go 100 miles in under 24 hours. With only few
mandatory breaks for rest, racers endure seemingly endless hours of hard
riding under the desert sun during the day and courageously trek through the
ominous darkness of pitch-black night. The purity of the connection between
horse and rider is poignant and inspiring, as you watch the bond strengthen into
deep, touching friendship as they go through trial and triumph.
Arabian Silk: Horses of Endurance
Tony Lazzarini, Director
and Christine Lazzarini,
Producer/Camera check
sound and camera at
Karuizawa, Japan for
Japan's first 100 mile ride
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Arabian Silk Poster
by Michaele Tristram
The Beginning

May 2006, as a hiking Co-Leader for an organization, I (Christine Lazzarini) was
invited to visit the Bedrock Ranch as a possible hiking area for the group. I met
with Jan Zebrack wife of Dr. Jerry Zebrack who owned the ranch. Jan told me
about her husband's sport and I became fascinated with it, since I knew nothing
about Endurance Horse Riding or horses in general for that matter.

I met with Jerry a couple of days later to see if he would be interested in
working with me on this project. After a 45 minute interview, mostly by Jerry, I
asked if he was interested in the project. His reply, "Doesn't everyone want to
be on TV?" I took that reply as a YES.

The journey to the ranch outside of Reno, Nevada took me 45 minutes. The
journey of this story took me 2 1/2 years. Little did I know that the first time I
drove down that 6 mile rutted-out-dirt-road to Bedrock Ranch was going to
change the direction of my life for the next couple of years.

And so the production begins.
About the Title

This was a challenge, to come up with a descriptive title that also was intriguing.
My brother Tony Lazzarini and I met at the Oakland Airport to discuss the
direction of the documentary and a possible title that would work. Since we
decided to follow Jerry Zebrack's lineage of horses for the documentary, we came
up with "Arabian Silk-Horses of Endurance" based on the facts that all of the
horses at Bedrock Ranch are Arabians and they all have the last name of DeSoi,
which means 'of silk'.

Seemed fitting.
What's this documentary really about?

Most people would assume that a sport based story would be about winning.
Contrary to that thought, it is about finishing, about preparing physically yourself
and the horse to be able to endure the hardship of completion. "To Finish is to
Win" is the motto of endurance riders in the U.S.

What else is it about?

It's about the bonding that is developed between horse and rider; the long hours
endured on the trail from sunrise to sunset to dawn once again. There is a trust
that is developed between horse and rider; when the rider cannot see in the dark
the horse can lead the rider to safety. And the horse trusts the rider to keep them
going in the right direction.
Arabian Silk
Horses of Endurance
Bedrock Ranch home of
the DeSoi horses
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"Arabian Silk: Horses of Endurance"
DVDs are now available
Arabian Silk DVD                                20.00
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$8.00 will be donated to AERC for every DVD
"Arabian Silk" was shown at the Pacific Northwest Endurance
Riders Convention in January 2010, to 185 of their members. Here
are a few comments from the audience:

"You captured the essence of endurance, of us"
"I cried"
"Thank you for making this documentary"
This is the 2010 trailer for "Arabian Silk". Scroll down for more trailers and
a clip of the documentary.
"Arabian Silk" Receives Another Award

The Las Vegas Film Festival will present "Arabian Silk" with the
Golden Ace Award on Sunday, June 6th 2010. Christine Lazzarini,
Producer, will be at the Closing Night Awards Ceremony to accept
the award. Festival judges statement, "Our judges felt that your
film demonstrated superior and standout filmmaking and is
deserving of special recognition.
Christine Lazzarini Producer,
accepts the Golden Ace Award
at the Las Vegas Film Festival
June 2010.
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